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Title Date
Microbio (Shanghai) and Oneness co-developed broad-spectrum siRNA (SNS812) to treat SARS-CoV-2 infection, was greenlighted by FDA to proceed with a phase I study. 2022-09-23
Microbio Co.,LTD. receives a Malaysia patent on the Herbiron. 2022-09-21
The trading of Microbio securities in centralized securities exchange market follows Announcement or Notice of Attention to Trading Information 2022-08-29
Microbio (Shanghai) submitted an IND to US FDA for a phase I clinical trial on the broad-spectrum anti-SARS- CoV-2 siRNA (SNS812) co-developed with Oneness 2022-08-23
Announce on behalf of major subsidiary Cotton Field Organic Co., Ltd. about the resolution that the Ex-rights record date of new shares from earnings by BOD 2022-08-17
Announce on behalf of major subsidiary Cotton Field Organic Co., Ltd.on matters related to the full non-physical issuance of shares 2022-08-17
The Board of Directors Approved the 2022 Q2 Consolidated Financial Statements 2022-08-12
Announce the new appointment of the general manager 2022-08-12
Announcement of the BOD resolved to release of non-compete restrictions for the manager 2022-08-12
To announce the change of General Manager 2022-07-11
To announce the change of the spokesperson 2022-07-11
Announced BOD's resolution that the related matters of ex-rights and ex-dividend 2022-06-30
Announce on behalf of major subsidiary Cotton Field Organic Co., Ltd.,the record date for dividend distribution. 2022-06-10
Microbio Co.,LTD. receives a R.O.C. patent on the new drug MS-20 (CHEMO YOUNG). 2022-06-01
To announce 2022 Shareholders' Meeting majoy resolutions. 2022-05-27
Approved the removal of restrictions imposed against the director for involving in competing businesses by the Annual General Shareholders' meeting. 2022-05-27
Announcement of the first quarter of Year 2022 consolidated financial reports were approved by the BOD 2022-05-11
Announce to modify the use of cash capital increase of 2007. 2022-05-11
Subsidiary received the unblinding data from CRO, engaged by Oneness, regarding US Phase II clinical trial of FB825 to treat moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis. 2022-05-02
Microbio Ranked among Top 5% in the 8th Corporate Governance Evaluation 2022-04-29