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Environmental Protection

Energy Management

Microbio highly values on the issues of climate change, energy management, and environmental protection. With a view to improving energy efficiency, and controlling and reducing GHS emissions, the Company employs energy saving and carbon reduction measures......               


Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Microbio carries out autonomous GHG emission conversion estimates based on power consumption statistics to gain a clear understanding of current trends and conditions and facilitate early response. The Company will continue to promote energy conservation, carbon reduction, and GHG reduction policies......


Water Resources and Wastewater Management

Microbio values water quality inspection and wastewater treatment. The water intake of the laboratories, offices, and factories meets the standards prescribed by laws and regulations and has no significant ecological impact on water sources......


Wast Management

Microbio creates a sustainable environment, implements a circular economy, and internally promotes reduction at the source and recycling and reusing. The waste generated by corporate operations is commissioned to legal and professional recycling and removal treatment companies......