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Platform Technology

   Symbiotic Fermentation Technology Platform

It is estimated that over 400 different species of microbes inhabit in our digestive tracts. Through the mutual coordination, a balanced ecosystem of gut microflora has established which is very important in the maintenance of human health. To mimic the natural conditions in human intestine, an innovative symbiotic fermentation technology platform is developed in our GMP manufacturing plant.

A variety of probiotic strains with similar culture conditions (nitrogen, carbon, temperature, aerobic anaerobic, etc.) were co-cultured to form a stable equilibrium. After the first cultivation, second domesticated cultivation was initiated by co-culture of mixed strains. Mixture of probiotics was then inoculated into herbal extract enriched culture medium to complete the fermentation process under the optimized conditions. Through a series of process including pasteurization, centrifugation, aging, filtration and concentration, the fermented broth became the unique medicinal herbal extract. To evaluate the efficacy and safety of this herbal extract, various technology such as proteomics, high throughput in-vitro screening of bioactivity assays, in-vivo pharmacological and toxicological tests were used. This product was then further confirmed via a series of clinical studies and became drug through rigorous regulatory authority approval processes. MS-20 is proven to be a successful product developed from this proprietary platform technology.

Figure: Symbiotic Fermentation Technology Platform